SDG Cities Leadership Platform

Initiating the process

After each mayor and the city council of these 25+5 SDG Cities sign the program participation these first action points will take place:

Within the first 30 days – the cities leadership team defines together with OiER and UNGSII three SDGs to start with and get the city stakeholders and citizens engaged in the Program. At the same time the City will define 3 key competencies with which the City would like to be associated within the own country and beyond when the people hearing the name of their city. Based on these 3 themes the UNGSII team will develop together with the Mayors team and selected key stakeholders of the city their individual communication plan, with which local, regional, national and international media will start a continuous reporting, in case this is not yet in place – as of Jan 2019. The success will be measured on a monthly base and necessary fine-tuning will take place in the quarterly perception change masterclasses. Details are described in Section 5.

Within the first 3 months – the first polls take place to understand where the residents of the City as well the key stakeholders within and outside of the City stand and what needs to be done from their point of view and if, where & how they want to contribute. Within these first 3 months the Mayor and his teams will define at the same time the KPIs for the coming 7 years with the experts from OiER and those SDG experts from the selected 3 SDGs the City wants to start implementing. Details see in Section 3. A first budget will be defined based on the most urgent projects the City has in its own pipeline in order to achieve specific goals helping to implement the SDGs. Within this first quarter the “Davos type Annual Conference” theme and concept should be defined contributing as of 2019 annually to the global visibility of the City and its experts.

Within the first 12 months – the first priority projects will be turned into concrete business plans in order to ensure financing by the diverse platforms. Latest in September of each year these projects will be presented to potential partners with finance capacities at the annual Impact Finance Conference taking place in Zug, Switzerland in cooperation with UNOPS and the Swiss Impact Investment Association. The first SDG Impact Week showcasing concrete projects of the diverse stakeholders in the City including the schools, Hospitals etc. will take place. The first Sports-Weekend organized by the youth of the City will take place together with EveryWon. The first Cities “Annual Davos like conference” will be organized. The first group of 51 PhD students will start the work supporting the City Management and its stakeholders in its quality research management and building the Block-Chain Database providing secured transparency a) for the City b) for the 25+5 and c) for the other Cities interested in best practice from the 25+5.

Within the first 2 years – a first status quo will reflect how the defined KPIs for each SDGs have shown concrete results, where they need to be adjusted. These improvement workshops are led by each of the 17 SDG experts, who meanwhile become regular visitors to the city community. Best practice cases will be described in books, presented at global conferences. With the teams from Hollywood and global TV networks the criteria for the annual constructive televised competition will be defined, enabling the start of „The Nobels meet the Oscars“ in 2021.

December 2025 – the citizens of the city have answered the last time in their quarterly poll the questions whether or not they feel each of the 17 SDGs are now a reality. The city with the best results in its category gets worldwide recognition for winning gold, silver, bronze.

December 2028 – the citizens of the 25 cities in the developing world who have been mentored by the 25 Mayors of the 25+5 SDG Cities leadership platform will answer the last time in their quarterly poll the questions whether or not they feel each of the 17 SDGs are now a reality. These cities will be awarded as well and receive worldwide recognition for winning gold, silver, bronze.

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