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with high visibility for all stakeholders and direct access to best-in-class companies.

About you

You are a corporate executive, entrepreneur, researcher, venture capitalist, data protectionist, blockchain specialist, medium-sized businesswoman, university lecturer, start-up founder, political decisionmaker, business angel, cryptocurrency trader, scientist, artist, coder, human rights activist, investment manager, school teacher, distributed ledger expert, trade unionist, database programmer, or simply a blockchain enthusiast with a lot of questions such as these:

About us

The City of Blockchain ViennaTM is an independent and private association in cooperation with the Vienna City Administration. Our goal is to establish Vienna on an international stage as a leading center of blockchain and cryptographic technologies attracting comprehensive know-how, technical and business experts, specialized start-ups and visionary entrepreneurs, interested corporates and family businesses as well as other organisations and stakeholders to our ecosystem.

We promote research, initiatives and projects around blockchain and cryptographic technologies, support startups and connect them with established enterprises, and organize conferences, hackathons, and other professional events.

With international connections to similar centers and organisations, we also assure the City of Blockchain ViennaTM´s integration into the global network of blockchain and cryptographic technology innovation hubs.

1,000+ Blockchain Startups

Global Screening & Monitoring

Members and partners

Our members and partners benefit from tailored engagement based on their own strategy and goals. The deeper the engagement, the greater is the possibility to shape the association´s agenda. We conncect large enterprises, medium-sized companies, public and private organisations as well as other stakeholders within and across industries and regions so that they can connect to young innovators, technology disruptors or established entrepreneurs all around the blockchain and related technologies. 


Public sector & Associations

Universities & research institutes

Legal & tax advice

Service Providers

Blockchain Startups & Scaleups

Financial groups

Industrial groups

Investment partners

Media partners

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership
Corporate members are among the most advanced and innovative companies in Europe. They actively engage in the City of BlockchainTM´s initiatives, programmes and events, and run themselves projects and technical meetings to bring new products, services, and business models into the market.

Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership
Institutional members form one of the City of BlockchainTM´s unique pillars, addressing important issues, setting suitable framework conditions, researching at the highest level, advising political and economical decisionmakers, and proposing and publishing realisable solutions.

Individual Membership

Individual Membership
Individual members shape the future of the City of BlockchainTM through extensive contribution to developing and implementing projects, moderating and attending workshops and background discussions. Access to multistakeholder networks allows visibility and insights into the status-quo of the technology.



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