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Mission and Purpose

By 2050, we estimate that two-thirds of the global population will live in urban areas. We have to offer them a comfortable, durable and secure life and lifestyle.

Cities have struggled with the challenges of rapid urbanization and meeting the growing demands for housing, food, energy, water, jobs, homes, and mobility solutions. These challenges for cities to address such diverse demands from growing populations helped give rise to the smart sustainable cities movement.

For a successful smart sustainable city project, a cross-dynamic between public services, the economic stakeholders that shape the region and the users has to be put into place. For this, the development of open data and citizen co-creation is important.

At the same time, blockchain and related technologies are emerging as a disruptive, transformational force across nearly every industry. Blockchain technologies pose significant potential for smart sustainable cities to achieve their efficiency and transparency objectives while enabling smart cities to reinforce citizen co-creation objectives.

We believe that the power of entrepreneurship combined with emerging high technologies can solve global challenges. Therefore, we help carefully selected startups & scaleups growing, internationalizing and building bridges to smart sustainable cities with their ecosystems of large enterprises, international organizations and family businesses.

The City of Blockchain® supports the City of Vienna´s efforts to achieve the goals defined in the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy. This is to be succeeded through blockchain and related technologies such as artificial intelligence, cyber security and iot technologies.

Projects, products and services that can change the world are already being created; our mission is to help make them a reality.

The City of Blockchain® was established to help connect smart sustainable cities with the disruptive, decentralization power of blockchain and related technologies.

The City of Blockchain Vienna® is an independent and private association in cooperation with the Vienna City Administration. Our goal is to establish Vienna on an international stage as a leading center of blockchain and cryptographic technologies attracting comprehensive know-how, technical and business experts, specialized start-ups and visionary entrepreneurs, interested corporates and family businesses as well as other organisations and stakeholders to our ecosystem.

We promote research, initiatives and projects around blockchain and cryptographic technologies, support startups and connect them with established enterprises, and organize conferences, hackathons, and other professional events.

With international connections to similar centers and organisations, we also assure the City of Blockchain Vienna®´s integration into the global network of blockchain and cryptographic technology innovation hubs.


1,000+ Blockchain Startups

Global Screening & Monitoring

Executive Board

Uwe J. Umlauff
Uwe J. UmlauffChairman of the Board
Serial entrepreneur and director of Steinbeis Transfer Institute Innovation & Business Creation in Munich with more than 25 years work experience in founding, consulting, financing and internationalizing companies, mainly in CEE & SEE.
Horst Treiblmaier
Horst TreiblmaierSecretary of the Board
Full professor and head of the department of international management of Modul University Vienna. He was a visiting professor at Purdue University and participated in various EU programmes such as the European Technology Platform ALICE.
Christian M. Piska
Christian M. PiskaAssistant Treasurer
Professor at the Institute of Constitutional and Administrative Law at the University of Vienna, specialized in public and economic law, particularly in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology related law. He is also known as a policy maker when it comes to technology regulation.
Thomas B. Fiedler
Thomas B. FiedlerVice Chairman
Managing partner of V Combinator Network with more than 20 years experience in business development, restructuring and consulting in consumer electronics and ICT. Former member of the board of ec3 and CEO of a Philips venture.

Advisory Board


The first United Smart Cities LAB was opened on May 22nd 2018 by United Smart Cities (USC) and Smart Data expert Braintribe in the heart of Vienna establishing a global co-creation community to explore new ideas and built the future of Smart Cities.

The United Smart Cities (USC) program is a global initiative, established by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in cooperation with the Organization for International Economic Relations (OiER) and other international organizations, cities, industry and finance sector.


Partner Initiatives


Matthias Lichtenthaler

Head of Digital Transformation

Welcome to Kettenbruck
Austria´s first virtual community
Matthias Lichtenthaler
In order to make Austria´s diverse activities around the blockchain technology visible, the Federal Chancellery of Austria and the Austrian Federal Computing Center (BRZ) created the Blockchain Village network. In this context of a blockchain village called Kettenbruck ("Chainbridge") typical blockchain use cases are analyzed, planned and realized, and experts in various fields are brought together.

The virtual municipality Kettenbruck is Austria´s most modern village and also ready to test blockchain applications. Moreover, real communities can partner with Kettenbruck to seek inspiration for the upcoming digitization.

Blockchain Cities Alliance

The City of Blockchain Vienna® is founding member of the Blockchain Cities Alliance, the premier global organization aligning key stakeholders from local and regional governments, urban based blockchain technology companies and researchers to connect the smart cities movement with decentralized blockchain technologies.

The Blockchain Cities Alliance (BCA) will serve as a trade association connecting smart cities with blockchain projects, blockchain experts, blockchain investors and accelerators while serving as advocates for the promotion of usccessful use cases of blockchain in cities.


Members and partners

Our members and partners benefit from tailored engagement based on their own strategy and goals. The deeper the engagement, the greater is the possibility to shape
the association´s agenda. We connect large enterprises, medium-sized companies, public and private organisations as well as other stakeholders within and across smart
sustainable cities, industries and regions to young innovators, technology disruptors or established entrepreneurs all around the blockchain and related technologies. 


The City of Blockchain Association
What is smart for citizes? Take their problems and solve them!
The City of Blockchain Association

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership
Corporate members are among the most advanced and innovative companies in Europe. They actively engage in the City of BlockchainTM´s initiatives, programmes and events, and run themselves projects and technical meetings to bring new products, services, and business models into the market.

Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership
Institutional members form one of the City of BlockchainTM´s unique pillars, addressing important issues, setting suitable framework conditions, researching at the highest level, advising political and economical decisionmakers, and proposing and publishing realisable solutions.

Individual Membership

Individual Membership
Individual members shape the future of the City of BlockchainTM through extensive contribution to developing and implementing projects, moderating and attending workshops and background discussions. Access to multistakeholder networks allows visibility and insights into the status-quo of the technology.

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